OIG – Recurring Search

March 28, 2016

Recurring OIG search Monthly checks of the OIG LEIE exclusion list is now available

Background Check Advantage is pleased to announce the availability of monthly checks of the OIG LEIE (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) exclusion list. This new search type is an easy way to check one employee or ten thousand employees all at once, every month.

Why perform a monthly check of the OIG LEIE exclusion list?

When the Affordable Care Act became effective, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recommended that states require monthly check of the OIG LEIE exclusion list for all employees and providers involved in delivering healthcare services for an organization billing Medicare and Medicaid. The LEIE exclusion list exists today to alert employers of individuals and vendors that are excluded from participating in providing services to healthcare organizations billing Medicare or Medicaid for services provided for both mandatory and permissive reasons. Mandatory Exclusions can include: Medicare or Medicaid fraud, patient abuse or neglect or felony convictions related to unlawful production or dispensing of controlled substances. Permissive Exclusions can include: misdemeanor fraud of publicly funded programs, suspension, revocation, or surrender of a healthcare license for unprofessional conduct, submission of false or fraudulent claims, engaging in kickback arrangements, etc.

How it works

We provide you an Excel template, simply copy in the required information (Last Name, First Name, MI, Date of Birth, and SSN) from your HR or ERP system.

  • Place an order for a Recurring OIG search on our secure site
  • Attach the Excel workbook to the order and we’ll take it from there

Any name “hits” on the LEIE exclusion list will be verified using the provided SSN to ensure an accurate match. Once the report has gone through our quality assurance process it will be uploaded to our site for your permanent record.

Best Practices for optimal results

Request all aliases and previous last names which can be obtained from our SSN Plus search. Hyphenated names and compound last names must be searched individually.

The usual signed consent is required. For more information call Cindy at 573/893-3700 x1320.