About Background Check Advantage

Since 1997, Background Check Advantage has served as the premier source for hospital employee screenings. Today, Background Check Advantage conducts criminal history searches for various organizations on medical staff, volunteers and students and other professions that require employee screenings. In addition to hospitals, our extensive client list includes the following, Health Care, Educational Institutions, Volunteer Services, Staffing Agencies, Religious Organizations, Insurance Agencies and Trade Associations/ Co-Ops.

Background Check Advantage is a service provided through the Missouri Hospital Association’s Management Services Corporation. A member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, Background Check Advantage offers the highest quality background checks in the industry with an extensive list of searches available.

Background Check Advantage offers competitive pricing to meet your organization's needs. Connect with us today! 

Our Team

Cindy Kekec

Director of Background Check Service

(573) 893-3700 ext. 1320

(800) 555-6913

kevin Lang
Kevin Lang

Vice President of Accounting
and Background Check Service

Brenda Jones

Background Check Coordinator

James Trowbridge

Background Check Coordinator

Laura Stieferman

Background Check Technician

Laura Stieferman

Background Check Technician

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