5 Tips to Choosing the Right Vendor

5 Tips

Background Check Advantage® is here to help you choose the right vendor! Read these five tips to make your decision easier.

Tip #1: Know what you're paying for!

Does the vendor have clear pricing that is explained up front?

Background Check Advantage staff will walk you through our prices so that you aren’t stuck paying hidden fees! There are no user or account access fees, and results are detailed, clear and thorough. We even provide FREE on-site training!

Don’t get stuck paying hidden fees!

Tip #2: Know the people conducting your company's background checks.

BIGGER isn’t always better.

No matter the vendor, all background check results are pulled from the same primary sources. So what’s the difference? The PEOPLE!

By partnering with Background Check Advantage, you hear a friendly, familiar voice each time you call.

Work with a trusted friend at BCA!

Tip #3: Ensure your questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Do you need assistance interpreting results or determining what search types to order?

Background Check Advantage can package searches and have your common searches pre-selected on our website. You can even bulk upload special searches from an Excel file.

Training at your facility is available for FREE!

Tip #4: Choose a vendor that specializes in the search types you need.

We are continually evaluating new search types and features, including:

- Education Verifications
- Current or Past Employment Verifications
- Character References
- Professional License Verifications
- Recurring OIG Searches
- NEW: MyEntryScreen, an applicant online entry and authorization system

Work with a company that puts YOUR needs first!

Tip #5: Choose Background Check Advantage as your trusted partner!

We’re committed to meeting your needs with exceptional customer service. Contact us today!


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